Floating Solar Water Fountain Pump 180L/H 1.4W

$ 19.99

Use this solar powered floating fountain to help keep your hummingbirds cool and give them a dancing shower to play in this summer! Add it to any container of water - a pond, bird bath, or just a large bucket! You're only limited by your imagination!

Comes with four fountain heads for varying spray types. 

PRO TIPS for this product:

  • Fountain must be in full sun to operate
  • Ensure there is always water in the water vessel/pond/basin
  • If wind blows water out of the fountain, you can lower the spray level by making the holes in spray attachments a little larger (this also helps if the water flow is so strong that it pops the spray attachments off)
  • A bubbler can be just as attractive to a hummingbird as a spraying fountain, if you have the wind issues that blow the water out of the vessel to quickly


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