Flower Pot™ Hummingbird Feeder on a Stake

$ 25.95

These adorable feeders made from recycled glass make a perfect addition to flower beds and containers. They also feature a built-in ant moat (a slight depression in the top that can be filled with water). Position several (at least 15 feet apart) to help alleviate competition among hungry hummers!

Holds 4 oz of nectar. Comes standard with new red Shatterproof and Bee-proof Polycarbonate Flower Feeding Tubes. Glass Flower Feeding Tube is offered as an option if available. If you prefer Glass Flower Feeding Tubes and the option is "Sold Out" please send and email and we will double check our stock.

Flower pots measure 4" and comes with a 24" powder-coated stake.


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